Diane E. LevinWelcome to my blog on media, marketing, and children.

When I authored So Sexy So Soon with Jean Kilbourne, I wanted to help adults understand how the new sexualized childhood is affecting children and what they can do to counteract the harm it causes. As I have traveled around the country (and to some extent the world) speaking about the book and its related themes, I have heard many powerful examples of how readers have applied our suggestions to the special situations that have come up with their children. I have been asked questions by people like you about issues not addressed in the book and about new developments in media and popular culture that require further discussion and elaboration.

I have seen how much everyone learns from these interactions, including me. So what better way to keep this dialogue going than through a blog? I will write pieces to initiate discussions with you and to address recent issues that come up. I welcome your thoughts and questions and your suggestions for topics. I look forward to connecting with you in this way.

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–Diane E. Levin